Rees River Pro

The half-day ride for those that know how to ride. This experienced only ride combines the breath-taking beauty of the Rees River Valley, with the exhilaration of exploring it at pace with a group of capable riders that can keep up!




Experienced Only


3 hour Experience


 9 AM 

Minimum Age

12 years old

Weight Limit


Our experienced-only half day horse ride

This ADVANCED LEVEL ONLY ride combines the breath-taking beauty of the Rees River Valley, with the exhilaration of exploring it at pace with a group of capable riders that can keep up! With plenty of opportunities to go faster, feel the wind in your hair as you ride through fields seasonal wild flowers, feeling the crisp, clear water’s splash as we criss-cross through the glacially fed river and lose yourself amongst the winding willow laden trails. This ride features all the scenic highlights of our Rees River Trail and is where our guides and horses go to play. We can’t wait to show you why this is one of our favourites!

2 riders minimum required.

50 + hours in saddle experience required- comfortable cantering over uneven terrain and having a balanced and independent seat are necessary to do this ride. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Rees River Pro is a ride for Experienced riders ONLY. That means you need to be able to trot and canter over uneven terrain confidently whilst maintaining control of your horse. Having a balanced and independent seat is also necessary for this ride (in any saddle as we use a variety here). 50 + hours saddle experienced required. 

This ride is NOT suitable for beginners or intermediates. Refunds will not be given if you are deemed not up to ability by our staff, or tell us inaccurate or false information regarding your experience.  
If you are a beginner or intermediate have a look at our Rees River Trail Ride or our Mid Rivers Ride for more suitable options.

Yes! our age limit for the Rees River PRO ride is 12 years old. If your child is younger we recommend checking out our Mid Rivers One Hour Ride or our 2.5 hour Rees River Trail. 

All children under 16 years old and MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

The well being and safety of our horses is of the utmost importance to our team and weight limits are put in place to ensure their welfare is kept in accordance to the world horse welfare tourism standard. We are strict on this policy.

Please note that guests may be weighed at check in and then introduced to the horse that best suits your riding ability and weight.

Long trousers, suitable sturdy footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen. During winter please bring warm layers including socks, gloves, scarf.

Yes! this ride offers opportunities to go a little faster for experienced riders. As long as your guide feels confident in your riding abilities and feels you are both in control of your horse and the conditions are safe you will be allowed to go for plenty of canters along the way.

Please note, your guide will always assess the current weather, trail, horse and rider conditions to ensure it is safe to go faster before allowing the group to canter. 

All booking cancellations 7 days prior to your trek date will be refunded in full.  

50% of the booking cost will be refunded between 7 days and 24 hours of your cancellation request.  

No refund is available within 24 hours of your departure time

The back drop of this ride has been featured in numerous movies over the years. 

You’ll be riding beneath the famous “misty mountains” in The Lord of The Rings looking up at the Dart Valley that was the location of the tower of Isengard. 

You will also ride right through a scene from X-Men Origins Wolverine – a famous bridge that has been used for countless Car commercials to name just a few.

Most importantly… this ride will leave you feeling like you’re the star in your own movie!


For the safety of our staff, horses, other clients and of course yourselves, it is mandatory to have proficient basic knowledge, understanding and communication of English to participate in any ride we offer. All safety instructions are in English and it is important to understand and listen to our expert guides for the entirety of our treks to avoid or minimize any mishaps, dangers or risks. No refunds are offered in the case you are turned away due to the breach in policy.

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